The enemy Spike Top does exist. You may find out more information about it by clicking here.
Spike Top
Spike Top
Species Buzzy Beetle
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)

Spike Tops are Buzzy Beetles that have red shells with a spike attached to them. Spike Tops are most likely to be a combination of Buzzy Beetles themselves and Spinies; they have spikes, making them invincible to jumps, and their shells have the same texture as Buzzy Beetles' shells, making them resistant to fireballs. They first appear in Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!, where they are only found in the Bland Sand Mansion. Unlike Buzzy Beetles, Luigi cannot use their shells as weapons, as he cannot jump on them to make them hide in their shells. Also, unlike Buzzy Beetles, Spike Tops can actually be defeated without respawning. When they are defeated, they will produce a Blue Coin. Spike Tops can be defeated with a Shiny Star or a shell. There is a shell on top of one of the obelisk at the start of the level. Luigi can use it to defeat the Spike Tops. There is also a Shiny Star on the other obelisk, in which Luigi can also use it to defeat the Spike Tops.