Norway LM9

Artwork of Norway Country

Norway Country (Norway Hathaways in PAL regeions) is the 3rd Mansion in Luigi's Mansion 9: Boo Mario Strikes. It resembles Norway.

Description Edit

US: Similar to Earth, Norway like people move here. But those "people" are really ghosts.

PAL: Is this NORWAY? Huh. Weird. Hey, ghost signals are coming from here!

Missions Edit

  1. Tsunami Warning (Avoid the Tsunami)
  2. Dawn of the Boats (The Haunted Boats)
  3. Creature's Despair (Death of animals)
  4. Crack the Stone Crusher's Back (Stone Cursher's back)
  5. Spider Hider (Hide and go Spider)
  6. Boss: Peachy Hunter's Suprise (Ghost of Peach)

Appearance Edit

Norway Country has some haunted boats and ghosts. Peachy Hunter is Peach's soul, and must be defeated.