The enemy Missile Banzai Bill does exist. You may find out more information about it by clicking here.
Missile Banzai Bill
Missile Banzai Bill
Species Bullet Bill, Banzai Bill
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion (2010)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)

Missile Banzai Bills are a sub-species of Banzai Bills that appear in Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion and Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!. They have the same behavior as Missile Bills, as they will home in on Luigi when they detect him, but unlike Missile Bills, when a Missile Banzai Bill misses, it will not turn around and it will keep going in one direction. Missile Banzai Bills have the same size as Banzai Bills. Missile Banzai Bills can be defeated with a Shiny Star. Like Banzai Bills, Missile Banzai Bills will produce Ghost Combs when they are defeated.

Missile Banzai Bill NSMBW

A Missile Banzai Bill from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.