Luigis mansion 9 is the 9th game in the luigis mansion series. The story is about luigi time traveling back in time to fix mistakes. He soon kills his past self in the mansion. He turns in to a ghost, and he then has to kill all the ghost in 5 mansions. He deafets king boo and goes to the way past and stop himself from killing his past self. This lets him go back to life. King boo then gets out of the polturgust 11,000, this may lead to a 10 one.


mansion 1- timey manor

mansion 2- floating manor

mansion 3- elictric mansion

mansion 4- pastly manor

mansion 5- king boos mansion


luigi wants to fix his mistakes in his past, so he goes to e. Gadds lab finds he's building a time machine and goes inside. It's really small. This articles really small.


ther Was suppos to be a twisty manor but it was deleted for no reason. There was suppose to be a ghost called the doll maker. But it was to scary, so it was deleted

thats all and now the end.