Luigi's Mansion 9: Boo Mario Strikes (or Luigi's Mansion 9 in the PAL versions and Luigi Mansion 9 in Japan) is the ninth installment in the Luigi's Mansion series for the Wii U. It replaces the cancelled Luigi's Mansion: Secret of the Boo's Crystal, and uses graphics from the first Luigi's Mansion. The game was released in October 27, 2013 in the US, September 30, 2013 in Japan, and November 7, 2013 in PAL regions. The game was created by EEA Inc., and published by Fantendo.

Story Edit

Mario decides to go into space for a vacation, but by accident grabs a Permanent Boo Mushroom, getting the ability to be a Boo for all eternities. King Boo, noticing this, takes advantage of this, and turns Mario to the dark side. Professor Elvin Gadd realizes this, and uses the Blockter to teleport Luigi to his lab, and explains the details. Luigi soon gets equipped with the Poltergust 6000, and teleported to the different Mansions. Luigi fights bosses along the way, but managing to find King Boo and Boo Mario. Luigi fights them both after they morph into King Mario. After winning, Luigi turns them back, and both of them, along with the 100 boos (which were captured earlier) turn friendly. They begin to party. King Boo and Mario motion Luigi to come party with them. Luigi nods, and runs to join the party.

Controls Edit

The controls are useful for the GamePad, Wii Remote & Nunchuk, and Wii Pro Controller:

  • Move: Left Control Stick (GamePad & Pro Controller) Control Stick (Wii Remote/Nunchuk)
  • Vacuum; Suck: R/ZR (Gamepad & Pro Controller) Z (Wii Remote/Nunchuk) Blow: L/ZL (Gamepad & Pro Controller) B (Wii Remote/Nunchuk)
  • Camera/Angle Vacuum: Right Stick (GamePad & Pro Controller) Pointer (Wii Remote/Nunchuk)
  • Open Door: A (GamePad & Pro Controller) A (Wii Remote/Nunchuk)

The flashlight angle is also controlled by the Pointer and Right Stick.

Items Edit

Like Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams, power-ups and items appear in game.

  • Light Mushroom - If touched, Luigi gets a light barrier. Ghosts that get near Luigi in this state will instantly get stunned.
  • Boo Mushroom - If touched, Luigi will turn in to Boo Luigi, who can go through walls, and get passed Boos without suspicion.
  • Mini Mushroom - If touched, Luigi will shrink, which then he can get pass ghosts without them seeing him.

Mansions Edit

  • Face-Space Station- A mansion with the Comet Observatory domes from Super Mario Galaxy. These domes are expanded with more rooms, though the domes look normal on the outside.
    • Quote: Hmmm, this place looks familiar. Anyhoo, Your brother passed by here!
  • Attractive Museum- A museum with mummies and fossils coming to life.
    • Quote: This museum includes many artifacts from the old times, but ghosts started to use them to terrorize tourists.
  • Norway Country- A mansion in a black hole that resembles Norway.
    • Quote: Similar to Earth, Norway like people moved here. But those "people" are really ghosts.
  • Terrifying Grave- Home of all terrorists who died in some accidents.
    • Quote: When the ghosts arrived here, the place became more than just a simple graveyard. It became something more.
  • Exotic Jungle- An exotic Mansion with many souls of animals.
    • Quote: A place for exotic souls of animals. Wait... what if the animal ISN'T exotic?!
  • Notorious Mansion- The first mansion from the first game.
    • Quote: This the mansion from your first adventure! You've remembered the path, right?
  • Dangerous Hideout- A place of paths in a maze.
    • Quote: Mazes are fun, but I'm not sure about this one... but that's just me.
  • Odoriferous Arena- The place you fight King Mario.
    • Quote: This is it! Take both of them down, and restore your brother!


Money returns, and with the same amounts in Luigi's Mansion 2. There are

PAL Hero Mode Differences Edit

The PAL's Hero Mode has differences from the US version:

  • The mansion are mirrored, as the US & JP mansion remain the same.
  • The Poltergust 6000 has 2% more power in the JP & PAL, as the US Vacuum has 3% more power.
  • Strong Thwompers appear in the Face-Space Mansion in the PAL, but appear in the Norway Country in the US & JP version.
  • The US Hero Mode lets Luigi have a faster heat meter, as the PAL has a slower one.
  • Ghosts do 30% damage to Luigi in the PAL, but only 20% in the US.

Features Edit

Luigi's Mansion 9: Boo Mario Strikes came in a Wii U deluxe pack, and had a Luigi's Mansion Pro Controller. There are two discs, one for Story Mode, and one for Mini-games.

Glitches Edit

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Beta Elements Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This game replaces the cancelled Luigi's Mansion: Secret of the Boo's Crystal.
  • Taking the first letter of each mansion spells out "FANTENDO". Interestingly, Fantendo published this game.
  • The Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy appears as a stage.
  • The Notorious Mansion is the same one from the original Luigi's Mansion.
  • Many things from the E3 demo of the first Luigi's Mansion are present: items such as the heat meter, automatic sidestepping, and the GhostPad displays a first person perspective.