Luigi's Mansion 3: Ghost Team-up is the third game for the Luigi's Mansion Series, and is the first Luigi's Mansion game for the WiiU.



After the player presses Start on the Gamepad and chooses a file, there will be a cutscene where Luigi is walking in a spooky forest. It is explained that Mario send Luigi to investigate the forest (As he claims that something strange is going on in the forest). Luigi sees 2 paths, he takes the left path, but this took him to his mansion. Luigi then sighs, thinking that he'll never find out what is going on. But then right when he was about to enter his mansion, the Gold Ghost appears, making Luigi scream. Then the Greenie ghost comes and scares Luigi. The rest of the story is explained in this link: Luigi's Mansion 3: Ghost Team-Up - Story.



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Luigi's Mansion 3: Ghost Team-Up
Release date Japan: 2015 November 15th - America: 2015 December 17th - Eroupe: 2016 Janurary 5th (Not Released).
Mode(s) 1 Player
Platform(s) WiiU
Accident Here, Ignore this :/
Luigi's Mansion 3: Ghost Teamup does exist. You may find out more information about it by clicking here.