In Area 1 - F1, Luigi is in a room with the Poltergiest, Luigi get scared. Then he sees a circle of Boos, taunting Luigi. The Poltergiest starts to attack (Same thing in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon). When you defeat him, the Boos get scared and dissapear, making light in the room again. He opens the Blue Chest and finds a Key. The Key is used to open the front door, when he open the door, there is a hallway, much like the hallway in F3 of Luigi's Mansion (NGC). There is a door that Luigi can open, this brings him outside. If Luigi travels all the way to the left, there will be another unlocked door. If he enters, he will be brought to the Observatory. If he looks in the telescope, he will see Mars. When he exits the telescope, Luigi is on Mars! He will have to capture all of the ghosts (Gold Ghost x7 - Purple Puncher x3 - Blue Twirler x2 - Garbage Can Ghost x1 - Greenie X6 - Slammer x4 - Poltergiest x1). After all ghosts are captured, the boss of Area 1 will appear. The Moon Rock Ghost (The Grouchy Posseser mixed with Moonstone). After Luigi defeats him, he will appear in Area 2.