The Luigi's Mansion television series is a cartoon based of the Luigi's Mansion series. It has real voice acting, and aired on September 21, 2013.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Luigi: Voiced by Mona Marshall - The protagonist of the series. He wears a light green shirt and hat, and grey blue overalls. If he spots a ghost, he will scream and crawl away. He is still storing courage as the series goes on, and captures ghosts. Luigi meets Agent Boo and they go together to save Mario.
  • Professor E. Gadd: Voiced by Matt Hill - A scientist who loves catching ghosts, eating prunes, and joking with Luigi. He hates King Boo, dislikes Boos, and has a lab underground.
  • Toad: Voiced by Tom Kenny - Luigi's helper/E. Gadd's assistant. He also has a dislike of ghosts, pay a lot of attention to Luigi, and enjoy joking with Luigi. Toad is also Peach's assistant. His friends got trapped in paintings in the series, and Luigi must free them.
  • Mario: Voiced by Charles Martinet - The plumber in distress. He got trapped in a portrait due to King Boo's dislike of red. When being taken to the Secret Alter, Mario dropped his hat, glove, shoe, letter he was gonna mail Luigi, and his lucky star. Mario thinks he is in a land of magical pizza in his portrait, due to King Boo using mind control. On rare occasions, Mario get careless.
  • Agent Boo: Voiced by Samuel Vincent - Luigi's ghost friend. He aids him if Luigi's scared, depressed, or angry. He hates flying fish, other boos, and cats. However, he is still worthy to save Mario. He is super careless.
  • King Boo: Voiced by Kathleen Barr - The antagonist of the series. His crown seems to have strange effects, as he manages to trap Toads and Mario in a painting use mine control, and play baseball without the use of a bat.


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