Ice Luigi
Ice Luigi LM7
Item Required Ice Flower
Abilities Walk on water or lava by freezing its surface, shoot snowballs
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams (2009)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)

Ice Luigi is the form that happens when Luigi eats an Ice Flower. While in this form, Luigi is able to walk across water or lava by freezing the surface into the shape of a hexagon, allowing him to walk across much quicker without any problems. Also, Luigi's body will become solid ice when he is in this form. Additionally, he can also freeze waterfalls so that he can wall jump to a higher point. If the frozen tiles are left unoccupied for too long, however, they will melt. Like Fire Luigi, this form lasts a limited amount of time.

This is the only form introduced in Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams that does not reappear in Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion.

Ice Luigi

Ice Luigi in Haunted Dreams and U Are Doomed!!.