Half-Up Mushroom
Half-Up Mushroom
  • First Appearance
Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion (2010)
  • Latest Appearance
Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)

Half-Up Mushrooms (also known in Japan as ½-Up Mushrooms) are green mushrooms that first appear in Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion. They are actually half of a single 1-Up Mushroom. Collecting two Half-Up Mushrooms will form one whole 1-Up Mushroom, and thus, granting the player an extra life. Half-Up Mushrooms are common. Like 1-Up Mushrooms, Half-Up Mushrooms are usually found in hidden areas or areas that might seem risky to the player. Unlike 1-Ups, Half-Ups cannot be earned by collecting coins, while 1-Ups can.

Half-Up Mushrooms return in Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!, with the same purpose.


  • If Mario or Luigi already has a Half-Up Mushroom and they grab another 1-Up Mushroom, they will earn both an extra life and another Half-Up Mushroom. Therefore, if the player grabs another Half-Up Mushroom after doing so, they will instantly earn another extra life.