Face Space

The Face-Space Station

The Face-Space Mansion (Famous Comet Observatory in PAL regions) is the first mansion to explore in Luigi's Mansion 9: Boo Mario Strikes.

Description Edit

US: Hmmm, this place looks familiar. Anyhoo, your brother passed by here!

PAL: Your Observatory from SMG is here. Mario passed by, so go find him, posthaste!

Missions Edit

  1. The Terrace's Secret (Inside the Terrace)
  2. Strong Thwompers Strike! (Attack of the Thwompers!)
  3. Boo's Bedroom Broom (The Haunted Broom)
  4. Sooth the Soul (Ghost Party)
  5. The Fountain's Thirst (The Fountain is Thirsty)
  6. Boss: Ghostalina Strikes! (Rosalina's Ghost)

Appearance Edit

The Face-Space's domes look small, but look expanded inside. a doll rests in the bedroom, along with a broom. the Kitchen has Special Punchers who play with kitchen utensils. The fountain's streams go into a black hole, as the inside has a haunted water fountain. You fight Ghostalina in the Garden which has a battle arena in a black void surrounded by floating shrubs that Ghostalina attacks you with.